Games, Games, Games

Games we (my family) own. These are all available for game night with the NTTTBGM group. Some of these...

Art Projects

I have worked on various art projects over the years. This is a collection of some of those projects....

Programming Projects

I have worked on various personal and professional computer programming projects over the years. This is a collection of...

Board Games with Pay to Win Mechanism

Champions of Midguard I played Champions of Midgard yesterday. It was the first time I played it and I did fairly well for most of the game. I had the point lead, including all stated points on cards, etc., for much of the game. I came in third,…

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Computers & Programming

Tabletop Score Calculator

I hope no one ever thinks that the Tabletop Score Calculator is just a physical calculator that is too big to stick in your pocket! The Tabletop Score Calculator is an iOS app I’m working on that will have virtual score sheets for various tabletop games. After another…

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Linkage Program

Better Beta: Linkage Printing

I finally figured out why printing was screwy when printing full size on multiple sheets. There was a mistake in the pages not being centered on the right spot in the document. So check out the latest Beta:

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Computers & Programming

Assign Swift Closure to Variable

I did a quick Google search of “assign swift closure as variable” and got a bunch of result of people asking about this and many answers that were informative and downright useful. Of course, I’ve been writing Swift code for a year and I already know most of…

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