New Slip Roll Machine

I just got a new Slip Roll machine. It’s from Vevor, a company whose motto is something like “Touch Tools, Half Price”. It seems to be fairly accurate. This slip roll was about $200.00 and can handle 16ga steel according to its specs. I rolled some brash sheet in it and it worked fine. And the best thing is that it showed up without shipping damage with all of the rollers working pretty well.

I’m working on a snow plow blade for my 1/10th scale RC truck.

Traxxas TRX-4 Defender 1/10th Scale RC Crawler

I need to build the structure of the plow myself so the brackets fit between the tracks when the steering is all the way to one side or the other. I recently installed a remote-controlled winch that I can use to raise and lower the blade, so all I really need now is a blade.

The blade will probably be brass since I got a few small sheets of it at the hobby shop recently. The only problem is the 9″ width is not the 12″ width I need. I’m going to extend the blade on one side with a butt joint backed by a brass strap on the back. I think I can use silver solder for this, so it should be strong enough. There will also be a strip of steel along the bottom as a wear strip.