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March 2014

Linkage Program

Linkage 2 Built For Windows XP

I lost some old emails from people who wanted to use the Linkage program on Windows XP. This post is my only way of letting anyone know that I recently built the program for XP. I have not yet tested it. I don’t have a Windows XP system…

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Too Busy To Post

To be honest, I am actually stumped. I just don’t know what to write about. Rolling Ball Sculpture I have most of a metal tree built to support the track of the new RBS. But something about it just doesn’t seem right. The tree itself is cool looking,…

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Sculpture and Art

Still Image of Ball Lifter

I just discovered that I don’t have a still image of the finished ball lifter. I captured one from the YouTube video. This RBS ball lifter lifts steel balls or marbles to the start point of the rolling ball track. The track is still being built and isn’t…

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