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April 2014

Sculpture and Art

Patent a Sculpture?

The above image is part of a patent. I found this while searching for kinetic sculpture images. It never occurred to me that a person could patent a kinetic sculpture, or any art for  that matter. I wonder if my ball lifting mechanism (below) could be patented. I…

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DEVICE 6 and Monument Valley

I don’t often write about computer games, but two iPad games that I recently player seemed outstanding to me. DEVICE 6 by Simogo This was one of the most unusual games that I’ve ever played. The “game” consists of a small number of puzzles wrapped up in an…

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Computers & Programming

SmartScreen OK, My Bad

In my last post, I ranted about the SmartScreen filter. Since then, I discovered that SS is one word with word capitals. I also discovered that it took about one day for my app to download without the SS filter warning from Windows 8.1. Apparently, my new certificate…

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