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June 2011

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Blog Boredom

Boat The boat is running. We spent the entire afternoon yesterday cleaning inside and out. A test drive showed no serious leaks and the drive train runs smoothly. The engine stalled a few times before it was warmed up. Rolling Ball Sculpture I am still working now and…

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Computers & Programming

tr { overflow: hidden; }

tr { overflow: hidden; } is bad. It turns out that this simple CSS option causes rows cells that span rows to overwrite or hide content in the cells that they span. Unfortunately, I can’t create a simple example. The page where I saw this uses an external…

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Boat Repairs

I did a quick inspection of the boat last year and decided that the boot, or bellows, that surround the drive shaft has a hole in it. I also estimated that the bearings and u-joint on the shaft are all bad and need to be replaced. I also…

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