First, some ass-wipe spam user registered on this blog. They didn’t even comment and just stuck a user account here. I hate these people. I’ve never been robbed at gunpoint but I get phone spam, email spam, and now blog spam, many times a day. I guess that’s the price paid for having blog in this modern world but it’s a price I’d rather avoid.

I’m going to start testing the crap out of my linkage simulator program. I think that with the addition of the sliding connections, it is full of bugs. I don’t think that there are actually a lot of code mistakes because I was very careful to deal with almost any error that could show up and the code to step through links and connectors is all rather simple on the surface. It’s the algorithms for dealing with the slider special cases that is the problem. I’m sure that I didn’t design the code well enough and some situations will get interpreted as the wrong special case, or something along those lines.