I am still stumped on how to simulate the link/slider/slider mechanism I described in an earlier post. I think that there is just no way to do this with math since the curve I need to intersect can only be described with an equation that includes a time variable. I think I’ll need to approximate the answer by generating a series of points on the curve and then seeing which two form a segment that crossed the line that it needs to intersect. I can get more accurate points just in that area and find the one that fits best.

While thinking abut that problem, I added a “solid” feature to the links and a line size to the lines:
In this picture, you can see that the link on the left is solid looking and the link on the right is drawn with thick lines. The solid link can also have thick lines. All of this just makes the mechanism a little more interesting looking.

The red circles are debugging artifacts that are in the current version I’m using.

Now, if I can’t get that slider special case solved, I’ll start adding gears and maybe pulleys and belts. That should be fun.