I now have the linkage program working with the new ribbon bar.

I’m not sure if it’s much better than the old-style toolbar but it’s prettier.

I wanted to use an image gallery in the ribbon bar to select sample mechanisms but even with 128×128 pixel images, it’s hard to see the linkages when shrunk to fit the gallery.

This is not too bad but 128×128 is large for an image gallery that pops up from the ribbon bar.

On another topic, I’ve gotten the rough shape of my Greenland storm paddle completed. I’ve started sanding it smooth and it’s looking good. It’s funky because it’s just like a regular Greenland kayak paddle but has a loom that is about the width of one hand. A sliding stroke needs to be used for it to work or if can be used like a canoe paddle, which would be improper technique. The benefit to having a light-weight short paddle is that it can fit easily on the front deck of the kayak, doesn’t add much weight to the boat, and is a handy spare paddle. The down-side is having to use the sliding stroke for more than a few minutes if a regular paddle has been lost at sea or broke. I’ll have pictures in a few days, I hope.