I wanted to change the style of my blog entries and the blog page itself but didn’t have access to any of the WordPress files on the web server. My blog is hosted by 1&1 and I used their built-in blog feature.

I originally accomplished my style change by adding a style tag and css style information in the text of a WordPress text widget in the sidebar. This worked great when the blog is viewed by accessing the blog home page but the sidebar is missing from the archived blog entries. I was stuck with my styling only appearing on the blog home page.

I finally just modified the style tag to be one long line of text and paste it to the top of every blog entry. This does the trick but is more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll probably only do this for entries that show source code or images since the formatting of those things is all that is really needed in the archived posts. It’s a shame that none of the content on the archive can be modified this way other than the post content itself. the blog title and other things of that sort are filtered and HTML is converted to regular text in those things.