A title of “Nothing to Write” is an oxymoron or some such thing. The simple act of writing that title means that there was something to write.

I rebuilt the trailer brake master cylinder. That involved replacing the replaceable parts in it. it took about 15 minutes and I even left it attached to the brake line so the lines don’t need bleeding. I wonder how the master cylinder keeps air out of it’s pump since rebuilding it involves replacing the piston. I guess that’s why there’s more to the inside of the thing than one would expect from a simple piston pump.

I was playing Start Craft II last night. Fun game although every strategy game like it seems to be identical; gather resources, build stuff, fight the enemy. The single player campaign is interesting and the missions have enough variety to keep it interesting. Still, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of an FPS when real life is rough.

The last progress I made on the Google maps API project was to allow various items on the map to be shown or hidden at will. Still, the large number of items makes tings a bit slow at times. Google Chrome is probably 3 times faster at rendering the same map as IE. For anyone wanting to know how this works, which is me since no one else will read this, the markers are drawn by creating divs and setting the images or background images to those of the markers. I’ve heard that creating your own divs with images is better for large numbers of markers because the Google Maps API allows for mouse-over events, images with shadows and hit mapping, and other things. A simple background image in a div should be quicker but since my marker images have no shadows, I wonder about the effectiveness of creating and managing the divs myself.

At least I’m closer to being an expert with web design than before. Too bad it doesn’t pay as well as being a system-level programmer (meaning someone who understands device drivers, IPC, interrupts, etc…).

I didn’t attempt to work on the linkage program since my last work on the sliding connectors.

I was able to go out kayaking for the first time in two weeks. It was the day after a storm came in and surprisingly calm. the boat inspector at Sand Harbor didn’t like me or didn’t believe me that my kayak had never been in any other body of water for the last few years so he looked inside. I talked to the guy who was there on weekdays most of the sumer and he was nice and even mentioned not seeing me for a while when I didn’t get out for a week. This guy had a different personality and the way he looked at me made me uncomfortable. I think it was me and not him though because I don’t like getting hassled by “the man” and I could see it coming.

I had an urge to write more private personal stuff here but that is probably a bad idea. Even writing about computer games and kayaking seemed to be pushing the limit for acceptable blog writing that will last forever. I never wrote a diary before and it will be interesting to see how this experiment goes. If anything, it’s a bit therapeutic.