I ordered hydraulic hoses for the outdrive trim. There are four of them and two looked ok. Still, they are old and who knows what might happen.

Hoses are available at a variety of prices. Some websites seem to double the price of everything hoping you won’t shop around. That’s really dumb considering how easy it is to search for parts online. There was also the option of getting stainless steel braided hoses instead of the standard high pressure rubber versions. I’m not sure if the boat would last as long as the steel lines so I got the rubber.

On another note, the Google maps project is coming along. I found some code, thanks to the vastness of the internet, to create webpage divs on top of the map. They are attached to the Google maps markers and allow each marker to have completely custom text. I wonder if this mechanism could be used to completely replace all of the Google maps overlay mechanisms.

I also added a legend box to the map and stuck in some form controls to show or hide markers and their text labels. In some ways, using JavaScript and HTML to create a user interface is quite powerful and a lot of small details can be ignored. The browser computes the size of box I need to hold my form so I don’t need to do that. On the other hand, who had the great idea that each developer should be able to create a unique and different user interface paradigm? I don’t mind switching from Mac to Windows to X-Windows but now every web page has a completely different design and learning to navigate a new user interface every day or two is a big waste of time. At least now, we can have circular menus and 3d navigation aids that add nothing to the actual content of a site.

The change from summer to a new school year is always painful. I can’t get to bed before midnight but need to get up at 6am every day to get Bailey to school. She’s taking that part of it hard too. She’s also got the added stress of being in high school and being on a sports team, all while trying to keep her GPA at 4.0. Wow.