As expected, I have tired of blog writing after a few days. More importantly, I’ve run out of things to write. So much for “blog therapy.”

The boat outdrive trim hydraulics uses motor oil, as far as I can tell and from what my brother tells me. That’s strange since motor oil is corrosive to rubber and the hydraulic lines seem to be rubber. I think I am missing some important bit of information or I’m just wrong about motor oil eating rubber. Once the new lines arrive and are installed, I need to fill up the pump, bleed it, and we should be done with the boat repairs. Just in time to sell it or give it to my sister. I did some simple math and figured out that we can’t afford it even though it was free. Crap.

I did a little more experimentation with the Google Maps API and found that I can create labels with background images and completely remove the actual Google maps markers from the code. At least for the many direction arrows that appear on the map. I’m also trying to figure out what event is triggered when the map is zoomed and panned so that I can change what is visible to improve performance. Strangely, there is an event for the end of a mouse drag which is great but not a similar even for a pan done using other mechanisms. Checking for a bounds changed event, I see that there is more than one during a mouse drag operation which sucks. In fact, I get a bunch of those events all with the same bounds and need to discard the extras. Now I need to figure out how to use the dragend event for a drag but use the boundschanged event for some other pan or zoom. Then I can discard arrows that aren’t actually on the visible portion of the map. That should speed things up a tiny bit.

I’m also in the process of making a Greenland storm paddle. They are short and require a special stroke to use. They are also great as a spare paddle on the boat because of their size. I’ll post a link to pictures as soon as it’s recognizable. Right now, I’m laminating wood.