I have a new contract job that involves the Windows Phone and I can’t make any changes to the Linkage program for a few months. Since I have some interesting features in the latest version, I wanted to share it.

This new version, available here, has some recent changes.

The new DXF export feature is only partially working and I added a message box to say so every time that feature is used. Sorry if that is a pain in the butt.

Curved slider paths is working pretty well. The radius for the curved path must be entered as a number in the properties dialog box for the sliding connector. I want to add a way to set it using the mouse but that will need to come later.

I fixed a bug that showed up for no apparent reason and is related to intersecting a line and a circle. There is a test that compares two distances and they are normally identical or way different. Somehow, and maybe due to a recent change to allow for some slight rounding problems in the IEEE floating point math, I now get two numbers that are expected to be identical but are not. the bug caused a perfectly good sliding connection to fail to work properly. It is now fixed.

There were some recent posts about sliding connectors and curved slider paths. Some of the YouTube videos I made are pretty neat looking so check out those posts or go to YouTube/rectorsquid to see them.