Google analytics is very useful for tracking hits to a site for free. I set it up for my blog to see how it worked but I wanted to track hits to and at the same time. After searching around the web and reading various forum topics about this, I just set a Google Analytics filter according to someone else’s instructions. Note that there is also a change in the Google Analytics script code in each of my pages that I am not showing here.


Google Analytics Subdomain Filter

I’m not sure why I need this but I think that it is just to separate the content pages in the content view. The problem is that the content view then looks like this:


Google Analytics Content Information

What is not obvious is that the subdomain is being displayed as part of the path and that the “” is assumed. In fact, the little icon to the right of the name is a link to the page and that link starts with “” and this is the problem I am trying to solve. My site cannot handle a link like “” and I have found no way around this until now…


The mod_rewrite feature of Apache is a search and replace feature, to state it as simply as possible, and it can be used to fix this problem.

The mod-rewrite directive are added to the .htaccess file in the root directory for My web service provider, 1&1, allows this.

The .htaccess file that I am using looks like the file below and fixes the problem by simply rewriting the URI. One interesting thing to note is that I already use a subdomain-to-path translation provided by 1&1 for “” and the only time that name appears in a URI is when I am using Google Analytics. “” gets converted to “” before the mod_rewrite information is parsed in the .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule*)$1 [R=301,L]

Adding this simple text to the .htaccess file fixes things so that a path like “” works and gets me to the blog page I expect.

I believe that I could change my filter to exclude the host name but then only subdomain paths would work and paths within would not show up or work right in Google Analytics.

I am not an expert on mod_rewrite or Google Analytics but I am providing this information because no one else seemed to show the minimum required mod_rewrite directives to accomplish this exact change.