I’m adding a “Guideline” feature to the Linkage program. These lines will be added and manipulated just like drawing lines but will always be visible and can’t have more than two points (drawing lines are polylines with multiple segments if desired). The guidelines will be the same color as the grid and will not have labels.


Two guidelines can be seen in the picture above.

Without guidelines, the Linkage program only supports snapping to the horizontal and/or vertical location of other connectors and points or to the grid. Snapping to guidelines is an absolute sort of snapping with the dragged element snapping to be on the guideline if it is close. keep in mind that when dragging a link with multiple connectors, each connector could be close to a guideline and the entire dragged element (or elements) gets snapped into position.

As well as snapping to the guidelines, there is also snapping to the intersection of guidelines and the intersection of a guidelines to grid lines. This intersection snapping is the most powerful part of the feature since the guidelines can be manipulated with all of the alignment tools.

There are no modifiable properties of a guideline.