I just created a new Linkage 3.8 build. It’s got a few more changes from the last test version and a few are big enough to give this version a new minor version number. get it here:


Windows XP and modern 64 bit versions:



    This new version has one huge change; the Connect feature is now called “Link”. If you want to create a new link by selecting two (or more) connectors, select them and click the Link button. Or tap the “L” key. I also made a few other changes, such as the File menu button is now the right size and has the word “File” in it instead of an icon. This fixes problems on high DPI displays where the button was displayed all wrong.

    There is also some new error checking to catch mechanisms that try to mangle links (by stretching or compressing them).

    The quick access toolbar has been gone for a while. I finally found a way to get rid of the quick access menu. So no more trying to add buttons to an invisible tool bar.

    The “Combine” feature has been fixed to actually let you combine links. There was a problem where sometimes the button would not be enabled. I would love to just use the new Link (previously the Connect feature) to also do combines. Unfortunately, there seems to be at least one overlapping situation where the user needs to pick which feature they want.

    Don’t forget that you can hold the control and shift keys at the same time to select elements “below” other elements. Just hold those buttons and click over and over in the same spot to select the different elements that all overlap at the mouse location. It will select a different element on each mouse click. note that one of the click will select nothing because of how the feature works.