I’m going to write a post about the Alpha Color Mixer that I wrote and published in the Windows ‘App’ Store (http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/alpha-color-mixer/63825206-eb36-4ab7-a223-42d52410ffa9). But I am working a little on the code and I want to clean it up before I publish it for mass review.

The Alpha Color Mixer is hardly different from any other color mixing app or program. The user just picks colors using numbers or sliders and then gets a value that can be used in some other program to display that color. The only difference in my app is that it lets the transparency be set and previewed. I’m also in the process of adding better HSL (or HSB) controls.


Alpha Color Mixer (In The Store)

Look for my post in the next week or two. I’ll post all of the source code and maybe even publish it on an open-source subversion (or maybe Git) server.