Board Game Collection

Games we (my family) own. These are all available for game night with the North Tahoe Tabletop Board Game...

Art Projects

I have worked on various art projects over the years. This is a collection of some of those projects....

Programming Projects

I have worked on various personal and professional computer programming projects over the years. This is a collection of...
Linkage Program

MPEG Encoder for Windows

I create videos using an MPEG encoder for Windows. It’s very hard to find a video encoder that can be used by software like the Linkage program – too many video programs just embed their encoder or require you to buy that software to use their encoder. Since…

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Linkage Program

Rotating Cams to Their Followers

I’m about ready to turn the Beta Linkage program into the official production version. The only problem is that I still want to do more work on it. It feels incomplete if it can’t move a cam to make it meet a follower. In other words, the follower…

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Linkage Program

Improvements to Spline/Cam Features

Thanks to a user, I fixed a few bugs in the spline/cam simulation code. Splines that are not fastened to a link or connector are now treated as part of the “ground” and can be used as cam-like shapes without producing simulation errors. Speaking of connectors; a cam…

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Snappy XO

I was just looking at and their site mentioned that they had the first planar linkage design software. I sent a contact form letting them know of their mistake and I got a really nice reply from the CEO that he knows they are not the first…

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Computers & Programming, Linkage Program

Simulation Woes

I had a running error, or something like that, in the Linkage program. I had targeted 30 frames per second for animations and I used a 33 millisecond target time for each frame. If a frame took less than 33 milliseconds to compute and draw, I would add…

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Computers & Programming

Parsing Strings with Multiple Delimiters in Swift

I have a specification at work that says my software needs to see a URL like this:{id}&test2={data} and then open the URL as if it were something like this: I first wrote some code that would split the input using the open curly brace as a…

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