I have a Facebook account, a Linkedin account, a blog, a personal website, and a Twitter account. I mostly use the blog for any type of information that I want to share but the blog has its shortcomings. For one thing, no one reads it.

I use the Facebook account to find out about the activities of a few friends. About 10% of my Facebook friends are really friends. About 10% post stuff on a daily or weekly basis but not the same 10% that are my friends. It’s not usually useful although it did help me get some consulting work recently.

I don’t use Linkedin or Twitter at all. My persona site has been mostly replaced by my blog although I do maintain it and it does show my most recent blog post on the home page. It’s more of a photo viewing site but I have been remiss in uploading photos recently.

So what social media is useful? Facebook, which is sometimes condemned by people as being not truly social at all, is the only place where anything positive happened.

Right now, I am really trying to get my name on the first page of Google search results when people search for things I do or like. I would love a picture of one of my sculptures to show up on the first page of images when someone searches for “rolling ball sculpture” but I can’t get any images to show up unless my name is used in the search. On the other hand, “mechanism simulator” results show one of my blog entries on the first page! Now if I can get “mechanism simulation” to yield similar result, I’ll be a happy camper.

This blog post is a little scatter brained. I’m not sure what I was thinking about that led me to write it. Sorry about that.