Windows 11 doesn’t let us place the taskbar on the side of the screen. Let’s count how much vertical space is taken up by things that are not the document that we are editing: title bar, tool bar, status bar, scroll bar, task bar, the measurement bar in Word, and maybe more. This leaves very little room for lines of text that we are likely editing. Not allowing the taskbar to move is short-sighted even though most people don’t care. I would even say that having tool bars on the top of a window is limiting for anything but image editing and it’s time for someone to design a flexible toolbar that can be on the side of the screen (just don’t use long words for button names). I like to be able to read without scrolling constantly and I’ve always felt more productive when I had more vertical screen space. It’s a shame that one thing that could be easily moved to the side no longer supports that option.