I bought a new toy. I had an RC off-road truck back when I was 19 and I suddenly wanted one now because I saw just how awesome they are these days. This is a big 1/10th scale crawler with locking differentials, oil fill shocks, waterproof electronics, and a few other really neat features.

The Too Long Awaited Box
Blue and Red are Pictured but I got “Silver”
That’s a real spare tire!
Unboxed but not open
Voila, C’est Sa
It’s so real!
Offset spindles (from axel shaft)
RTI is great

This thing is amazing. One thing that stands out is that this is ready to run and not a kit. Back in the late 80’s, all fancy RC trucks were kits as far as I know. I would have preferred a kit but the kit for this had too many pre-assembled parts and didn’t come with a body or transmitter.

I bought this from RC Superstore and they had this listed as a package deal with a battery and charger. Since I needed a battery and charger and didn’t need the pain of figuring out what was the right fit, so to speak, I just bought this package deal. FedEx took way longer than expected to get it here but now I have it and it’s cool; really cool. I just took it out into the dirt and I was a tiny bit disappointed it would not climb the steep 50-degree wall of the rocky drainage ditch behind the house. But maybe I was expecting too much from this thing – it handled the 45-degree stuff mostly fine.