I suddenly thought that I should start writing the circle test program using JavaScript and an HTML5 canvas. It would probably work exactly like the native Windows app but with smoother lines. I could then add some HTML button or menu to let a user pick which experiment they want to play with.

It would just be for my own experimentation but it would also be a good higher learning project now that I’ve written a few things using the canvas.

This week, I have worked on these things:

Day job writing bioinformatics code to interface with a new hardware accelerator device we are building.
Side job writing Windows Phone code to make some app improvements for a client of my client. Doing more testing on that today.
Added the cam calculations to the circle test program.
Lots of work late into the night on the SMS message handling in the Auto Responder. Twilio is providing a great service and it seems to work flawlessly. I can now send broadcast messages to all registered users from the iPhone-styled web interface.
Welding and grinding parts for my class sculpture. Class was cool this week and the teacher gave a demonstration on using the oxy/ac cutting torch. He cut through 1 inch thick plate in a perfectly straight line as if the steel was butter.
Tested some puzzle race puzzles on Tuesday. Hoping to have a full day of puzzles ready for a nice day in June. Bailey and I had to work for a few hours to get all of the materials ready for the testing. the real race will probably require a few days off before the race just to stuff things in envelopes.