I cannot decide which type of check box I should use for drop down menus in the Linkage program. The only one that is low on the list is the ordinary Windows checkbox because I would need to write a lot of extra code to get things spaced out properly.


Three Checkbox Options

The left one is my favorite because of the clear and obvious check. I really like the one on the right except that I had to give the small icon a background color that is not transparent to get it to look less orange that the orange checkbox on the left. It looked way too orange otherwise.

I was thinking of customizing the code to draw these myself but I have more important work to do!

One more small complaint; it looks like I might not be able to get the left-most style of check box into the ribbon bar itself. See the Drawing and Mechanisms check boxes above the menu. I don’t know how to change those! These types of inconsistencies drive me nuts.