I would just like to thank you guys for using the Linkage program. The feedback I’ve gotten has been great and being able to provide features that people actually want is a very satisfying software development experience.

When I first added the sliding connector feature, I wasn’t aware of the real-world uses for such a thing. Even though I have always been interested in railroading, I never thought to look at the valve mechanism on a steam locomotive where a sliding connection is a requirement. Learning more about things like that or about how mechanisms are designed and used in the real world has been a lot of fun for me.

I mentioned this once on another blog page but it’s worth mentioning it again; I wrote the linkage program because I was building a robot and needed to move the legs of the robot from under the feet and under the platform it stood on. It wasn’t a functional robot that would actually walk but more of an entertainment robot that would move it’s feet in a stepping motion as it turned left and right to address the audience. The mechanical parts are in a box in the garage but the Linkage program went far beyond that first need.

Now if I could just figure out how to sell it for a few grand a copy like that other guy on the web!