Curved Sliding Connector Paths are working!

There is a type of configuration that is not handled by the simulator but the simpler situations are now handled.


Valid Sliding Connector Curved Paths



Invalid Curved Paths


I am planning on improving the simulator so that it can handle a variation of that invalid situation shown above. If the two sliding connectors share the same path, the simulation should not be too difficult. It will depend on the nature of the path of connector “I” in that case. I think that connector “I” would also be limited to a circular path which makes the simulation possible. It is the oval, elliptical, or uneven curve that it would take in the above mechanism that makes simulation difficult to program.

There may also be variations that I have not tested that cause problems.

Warning, there may be a bug in the program that causes it to hang or get stuck.

I have encountered a bug that I have not yet resolved where the entire program just hangs. I have not been able to track it down but it seemed like it first appeared when I had a sliding connector positioned directly on top of one of the limit connectors. Keep an eye out for it and let me know how it happens if anyone encounters it.