The ribbon bar code that comes with MFC in Visual Studio 2010 doesn’t work right. Well, it certainly isn’t exactly the same as the ribbon bar that is part of office 2010. Maybe that’s how Microsoft wants it but I can’t find any way to get it to work in the same way without some amount of customization. I don’t want to deal with that and i might end up just mimicking the behavior of Paint or Wordpad in Windows 7.

The issue is that Office 2010 shows the word “File” in the main menu. The main menu is that thing that was a circle for a while then became a button/menu/thingy on the left side of the ribbon tabs. I have no idea why they abandoned the circle but it’s not important enough to matter one way or the other. I just can’t figure out how to get the MFC CMFCRibbonBar class to use text in that button instead of an image.

That’s the only programming I’m working on at home at the moment. I only have a few minutes a night to spend on it and not much motivation to get anything done.

I was doing a lot of plasma cutting last night. Those are great tools and a cheap one can cut better than just about any other tool in my shop. I’m glad that the school has one that I can use to cut 1/4 wall 4′ pipe into interesting artistic shapes. Of course I should have made paper cutouts of the sculpture before bothering with the steel pipe but I had time and nothing else to do so I went for it.

Holding the tip just above the word surface, even though it is designed to sit flush, seemed to let it cut faster. I was able to get some fairly good cuts freehand this way.