I have nothing going on at the moment and nothing to say except to say that I have nothing to say.

I was installing and using Visual Studio 2010 and converted the linkage program to use the Windows 7 style toolbar. Microsoft needs to act a little more stable and stick with one visual style. MS Office, the Windows 7 accessory programs, and other MS programs that use ribbon bars all have different looks to them. Old Office had the round button and new Office has the File menu button instead. Windows 7 Notepad and paint use an icon in their File menu instead of the word “File” but they both use the same icon. What the heck should I pick for Linkage 2.0?

Plus, I should point out how ironic it is that MS has gone back to calling the main menu “File” instead of using a round or square button or tab. In learning to use a ribbon bar for these programs, knowing where to go to open a file was the easiest thing to do.

I did move my samples menu to the “file” menu and now it doesn’t work. The cool thing is that it is still a gallery of images and not just a text menu like you might expect from the “file” menu. That part of it is cool and I might try to make it have a combination of text and images if that one menu can have it’s own image size that is separate from the other “File” menu items.

I guess I did have something to write after all.