I have two new web coding/designing projects to work on.


A friend wanted a website designed to sell photos. I would think that there are sites that let you sell stuff that are very well designed and look appropriate for that sort of thing but maybe not. Maybe I should start a company to provide that sort of service. It will be a site for selling quality nature photos, as far as I know so far.


I want to make my auto email program have a web interface. This means I need to write PHP code to read a log file and display some amount of log information. The tricky part will be in having two programs access the log file and in having the PHP file create a page that auto refreshes itself but with a delay in case nothing is happening.

I’ll also want to be able to manipulate the configuration file remotely and maybe even start and stop the auto email program. If I have all of those features and use my new dynamic DNS subdomain to access the site, I should be able to deal with any issue and watch near real-time status information for the program all from a smart phone.