I want to copy a directory on my flash drive to my hard drive. Here is what happens every time:




Microsoft, please stop asking me if I want to copy the files. I do want to copy them. I thought it was clear when I answered that I wanted to merge the directories but maybe not. It was certainly clear when I said that I do want to overwrite all of the files that had the same names. Why the hell are you asking me a third time about some random directory when I’ve made it totally clear that I want to overwrite all of the files? Two boxes is one too many but three is just bad interface design.

Please stop!


If you are going to ask me three times, can you figure it out ahead of time and not make me sit and wait for 80% of the files to get copied before noticing that there is a subdirectory to copy? I like to walk away during long file copy operations but this makes it impossible.