I wrote a post on Facebook and it was sort of long. it was just some thoughts I had. I’m recreating that here because FB is not really a blog and it’s unfair to push more than 100-200 words onto people who are just browsing for kitten pictures…

I read somewhere today in regard to mental trauma, that “… everyone heals in different ways…” and I would like to suggest that since we all heal in the same way physically, that we also all heal the same way mentally. It’s the nature of the wound that is different for each person and each incident.
But yeah, if you get cut and it gets infected then you might end up with a permanent scar. I suspect that mental healing can go the same way, where messing with the process can make things different. Not worse, but maybe not as good as they should be.

It’s a shame that we are nowhere capable of knowing what he best treatment for mental trauma might be. I saw a TV show where they wanted someone to bring up their bad memories to live through them and “finish” something mentally. Well, the current thinking is that this is a fairly bad idea since they just restore their bad memories with their bad feelings about them. Interestingly, remembering the trauma while experiencing a happy moment can store some happiness emotions in with that bad memory and dilute it. it sucks to ruin a happy moment but it’s got to be great to “ruin” the bad moment of the trauma by making it less bad.