A new update is available. There are a few changes, improvements, and fixes:

  • Change to export motion path using the mechanism units (inches, mm).
  • Experimental simulation cycle feature that runs half an actuator cycle or a full rotational cycle. This is still an experiment and has flaws.
  • Fix to detect user-set colors and copy the color when copying a link or connector.
  • Fix for missing (white) caption bar app title when maximized.
  • Change to update the profile settings whenever a document is saved, thus updating the MRU after each save.
  • Fix for recent bug in hull calculation that caused duplicates to get ignored.
  • Added file extension association "code" to the installer config file.
  • Fix bug in polyline property setting.
  • Fixed fastening bug for gears.
  • Added new samples.
  • Changes to support adding files to the system MRU list that ended up not being needed.
  • I left the commented-out code in place for future reference.
  • Working 64 bit Linkage and 64 bit installer project (setup program is 32 bits but installs 64 bit linkage).

That’s the history from the source code control system for all of my committed code. I don’t think I missed anything.

The cycle feature is a new button and some code that will run the simulation through enough steps to make an actuator move half of a cycle. A full cycle would be an extend and retract, so a half cycle is an extend or a retract but not both. The problem is that if the actuator moves too far during a single step of the simulation, it will not end up fully extended or full retracted. I’m working on this but it’s complicated to move the actuator at a slightly different speed from the set value in order to end up at exactly the end of the movement. Using a different number for the movement will work as long as the visual speed on the screen is not critical and can be off a tiny bit.