No one has asked me about the grid yet. I suppose that most people that use the Linkage program don’t really notice it or, since they can’t set it, don’t notice that it’s really weird.

I am going to add a grid view option. People will certainly notice it now.


A Grid

The first thing they will notice is that the grid changes as you zoom in and out. What is happening is the grid spacing is trying to be as small as possible while also lining up to an even 5 or 10 unit spacing. At one zoom level, the grid steps in 1 inch increments. But zoom out far enough and it will step by 5 inch increments. Now that I have some code to draw the grid, I see that it doesn’t go smaller than 1 inch, although it goes smaller in effect if the units are millimeters. I should fix it to just keep going down like it keeps going up.

Anyhow, the picture up above shows a grid behind a mechanism. This is how I might end up drawing it until some better idea comes along. I just need to add an option for showing and hiding it, maybe in the Snap menu.