I am a big believer in owning things. I don’t license my TV for use, and I don’t license my car for use. I also think that when you pay for software, that you are buying a copy of it, not buying a license to use it. If I kill someone with my car, the manufacturer is not liable for my actions. They might be liable for their actions, like if they built faulty brakes, but if I use the car incorrectly, the car manufacturer is not liable for that. If I use software incorrectly, like I try to use Photoshop to design a nuclear power plant, and I kill off an entire city, there is no reason think that Adobe is liable for that. And yet, they still feel the need to state a bunch of stuff in their license agreement that they are not liable for it.

To get to the point:

The Linkage program is licensed under the WTFPL. You are free to do whatever the #$%& you want with it.

If you design a nuclear power plant and then kill off an entire city, I’m sure that the courts will see that I had nothing to do with it. At least any sane court of law would see that. These days, it’s hard to tell what will essentially end a persons normal life and move them into legal hell.

I plan on adding the WTFPL information to the installation program and to the documentation. Until then, this page counts as the license. If you use the program, you pretty much agree that you can do whatever the #$%& you want with it.