I fixed a few bugs and there is now a Beta test release of the Linkage software:


Windows XP and modern 64 bit versions:



There were a few minor oversights I made when coding the locking connector feature. Whoops. Now they stay put a little more often (but I may have still missed a few cases and I’m checking for then when I get time).

There was also a weird bug in the sliding link algorithm where a link that slides because of another sliding connection ended up shifting some odd amount on the first step of a simulation. It seemed like a math problem but ended up being me making a dumb mistake and not seeing that the code can’t tell the difference between a positive distance to the left vs. a positive distance to the right. Since right and left are just arbitrary opposing directions, it was not as simple as detecting left vs. right. It involved finding a point a long ways off and using it as the reference point for all distances. that way, everything was to the “right” of that arbitrary start point (remembering that it could be up, left, right, or down, or any direction depending on the structure of the mechanism.

I hope it’s all fixed now.