A long time ago, I added some AJAX code to my blog so that the Lake Tahoe water temperature is displayed on my blog pages. It’s in the right navigation column down at the bottom. It doesn’t appear immediately and sometimes not at all if the temperature server is down.

I documented that feature in the post titled Ajax to Different Server Using PHP. The only reason that I’m posting about this now is that I’m excited to see that the temperatures went up 1f in the last few days. This means that I’ll soon (in a month or two) be out kayaking on the lake.

Many people are not aware of it but it is always important to dress appropriately for the water temperature when kayaking. It doesn’t matter if the air temperature is 80f, because when you fall into 44f water, it’s going to be really cold.

Of course, there is some amount of risk-taking in any sport and most people don’t dress for the water temps. I do because I went out in a storm and actually did tip over by accident. The water was 55f at the time and I had a wet suit and splash gear on. Still, if I had not been able to roll back up again, it would have been a cold swim back to shore.

I’m excited because I didn’t get to ski at all this “winter” due to there being very little snow and very little motivation. But with the weather warming quickly and the bike trails devoid of snow, spring and summer sports are now an option. Heck, I was even thinking of getting out the rock climbing gear and taking hike to Trippy Rock.