Thanks to a user, I fixed a few bugs in the spline/cam simulation code. Splines that are not fastened to a link or connector are now treated as part of the “ground” and can be used as cam-like shapes without producing simulation errors. Speaking of connectors; a cam can fasten to an input connector and will rotate with it now. The issue of the spline not being part of the “ground” was more of an oversight compared to this actual bug where the code was incorrectly written and the cam should have been fastened to a connector and rotated if it’s an input.

Below is an example of a spline on the “ground”. The actuator example is not useful since there’s not a good way to translate that movement into the movement of other links. But it should still work. The cool thing is that I also fixed it so that a sliding connector linked to that existing sliding connector produces what looks like a “car” moving along the path and tilting to go uphill. I’ll have to make an example of that in the next cam tutorial video.

There is a test version of these fixes here: but it might have other issues since I’m still testing it.