I bought a new Windows laptop and I’m a bit disappointed. The latest AMOLED screens on HP laptops supposedly all have this same issue; The screen has texture at the pixel or sub-pixel level. It is absolutely horrible. From what I have read, this is because of how the screen is designed. It could be related to the AMOLED technology or due to the support for a stylus. Whatever it is, I will reiterate that it is horrible.

Playing games is fine. Watching movies is great. The colors are bright and the blacks are black. But working on a document in MS Word is super annoying with all of the white areas textured as if the screen is made from a large halftone. I know that there are sub-pixels that are 1/3 the size of a pixel and there is a red, green, and blue spot that all combine to make the pixels. But with a UHD display, these are far tinier than the eye can see. In fact, the typical “retina” UHD display has full pixels that are smaller than the eye can see. The texture is much bigger than the pixels.

I am so disappointed in HP and in myself for not finding out about this before spending $2k.

Everything else about the machine is great. I should at least be fair and pass that along. The GPU that this machine has it very powerful for a non-gaming laptop and the processing power is top of the line.

The exact model is Hp Spectre x360 Convertible 15t-df100. It has 16GB of RAM, 6 core i7-9750H processor(s) at a base speed of 2.6Ghz.