I’m beginning to hate Facebook. It seems like there are just a few types of comments showing up all of the time, at least from the 47 people who are still considering me a “friend.”

I don’t seem to know anyone who applies their critical thinking skills to what they post. I sure don’t. For instance, is there any real useful reason to post a picture of something from the 1980’s and then say “click ‘like” if you know what this is.” What the hell does that do for anyone? It’s not something we might discuss in person or at a party with friends. Or maybe it is.

Then there is pseudo-political stuff or comments on society that just seem off a bit. I’m not going to insult my “friends” too much more by giving specific examples but posting something about a news item and then commenting in some knee-jerk reactionary style about it doesn’t help anyone. Facebook is not a place for political discussion, it is a place to tell your “friends” what you are up to or to pass on info about something you think they might want to know about. I already know about the shooting, crash, earthquake, etc.

Some people just post stuff as news that they seem to make up. This is not so common but just happened. It was not a friend of mine and I was inclined to ask for a reference. They posted a reference that didn’t mention what they said at all.

I’m venting but it’s been a rough few minutes seeing all this crap show up on Facebook. People are just not too critical and look at the most simplistic side of things. It’s a bit annoying when I’m looking for some real info or commentary that shows some insight.