Complete Polyline Bezier Editor

After many more hours of work, I have a complete polyline editor. Each segment can be a Bezier curve or a straight line. Each node can be a cusp or have the control points smooth and optionally symmetrical. Nodes can be added and deleted and the curve can be closed or open. The next feature is to let a polyline be fastened to a mechanical component so it moves with that component. That part will be easy. The hard part will then be writing the code to have cam followers work with one of these polylines. I have all of the code to handle intersecting curves to circles and lines so it’s only a matter of implementing that code in C++ to get it to work. I also need to enable snapping to the curve so the user can drag the cam follower around the curve to get it in the right starting spot. I’m so close yet so far from having a cam mechanism designer working.