I picked up a pneumatic die grinder at Harbor Freight for $15.00. It is a tony right angle unit and would be an awesome tool if not for the fact that my compressor runs out of air after I use it for about 30 seconds. So I bought an electric one for a little more than twice that price.

The electric version is heavier but is manageable. It’s certainly not as heavy as the angle grinder. This will  be a good tool for grinding in places where the large wheel in the angle grinder just won’t fit.

The problem I am having now is figuring out how to get a shiny smooth surface that is very flat and at the right angle to the rest of the material. I can get the angle right but not the smooth shininess that I want. If I get is smooth and shiny then I end up with a not-so-flat surface and sometimes at the wrong angle. What I really need is some sort of ultra-fine bit for the die grinder. What I am thinking is that one of those oscillating tools with a sanding tool in it might work well.

The art piece is a piece of 4 inch thick walled pipe that has been cut with the plasma cutter into a fun curvy shape. I want to leave the cut edge flat and at a right angle to the outer surface of the pipe. Rounding is actually easier but this will look cool if I get is smooth enough. then maybe chrome plating?