Animate Gif Converted from Linkage AVI File

The image above was not created by the Linkage program. It was converted from an AVI file that was created with Linkage. I’m thinking about how I might be able to build in the GIF animation creation feature so that I can get easier-to-view videos that loop. YouTube is nice for sharing with strangers but the lack of a looping feature and the really ugly preview image (see High Quality Video Preview for YouTube Videos) makes it a mediocre video service. The animated GIF files don’t have a preview and are playing the moment the page is displayed but that is fine. JavaScript might also be a very useful tool that would allow me to present an animated GIF similar to how YouTube videos are presented; a play button over a preview image should be fairly easy other than having to create the preview image manually.

So there it is; a nice animated GIF showing some curved sliding connections in a mechanism.