I’m playing around with the Parts List and I’m not sure how to draw some dimensions. Actuators are something that I’ve never bought. I suspect that the overall start length is important as is the amount of throw needed. But someone would probably design a backhoe so that the hydraulics can’t move past what the rest of the mechanism can handle. And since they will be buying hydraulics, not making them, they will probably design the rest of the mechanism to work with some off-the-shelf unit. but I went ahead and added some dimension values for actuators that will at least make the buying or building process doable.


Actuator Dimensions

I also wasn’t sure about the anchors. If there are two anchors, is the distance between them really a useful value or does someone care about one being higher on the page than the other. Since people will probably design mechanisms using the page as a real-world reference, two anchors that are not lined up vertically should probably be draw this way in the Parts List.


Un-rotated Ground “Link”

The ground connectors are all dawn on a “ground” part but they are not rotated to get optimal part construction like the other parts. I should really make this an option since I have no idea what the “ground” is for any mechanism! But for me, this will do until I hear differently.