I wanted to let everyone know to try GeoGebra. It is a software package that is a math program that can be used to design mechanisms. The Linkage software is great for many people trying to throw together a quick prototype mechanism but for some people, it may not be the right choice. GeoGebra was hard for me to figure out without a tutorial and it takes a few extra steps to make a mechanism. On the other hand, it provides some options and feedback that can be very useful.


My First Try

The screen shot is of the online version. I did not try to download the software to see how it installs or runs.

The graphics look great. I want to get my Direct2D graphics working so that my lines are at least a little more like these.

I can’t give a good review of this software because I am a complete novice with it while also being a complete expert with the Linkage software. It would be hard to not present a biased viewpoint.

If you want an alternative to the Linkage program or if you have some math requirements that Linkage does not provide, check this out.