I ordered rebuild parts for the trailer master cylinder. It will be a miracle if the parts are right. I had to search a brake manufacturers site until I found a master cylinder that looked right and had the right size bore. I then found a car that had that part and used the car to look up the rebuild kit. Strange that there is no link from the cylinder page to the repair kit.

On another note, I learned a few things about the Google Maps API recently. Large numbers of markers cause problems. I opted to create all of the marker objects in the JavaScript code during page initialization but I only connect them to the map (using setMap) when the zoom level is close enough that a smaller number will likely be visible. I also found that Google Maps can be more responsive than some other map service providers but there is no simple way to create a marker that is just text. I need visible labels near each marker and I’d have to have my own class that created an appropriate div element for each marker to show the text. This is way more than I really wanted to do for this project.

Oops. I also came up with a scheme to skip displaying or even creating some of the map markers defined in my data but then realized that every single marker really needs to be visible. If it is in the data, someone wants to see it. I may still display a subset of the markers but only at intermediate zoom levels to keep the performance up.

Blogging is fun if there is no one around to talk to.