I’m testing Windows Live Writer to see how it works with my blog. The preview that looks like my Blog is very cool although the real test will be using it for writing a real blog entry. Oh, wait, I’m writing a real blog entry now. Testing in progress…

Second Paragraph

I’m not sure that I like that paragraphs are enclosed in p tags. It makes sense but then I’m stuck if I want to do something weird. I guess it would be considered old-school to stick blank lines between paragraphs and I’m a fairly new-school type of person who is just getting a little old.


Caption Sucks

The caption is too far away from the picture. I can’t get rid of the p tags or move the paragraphs closer together to make the caption seem connected to the image. There is no caption style that I can find so I’ll have to use what I’ve got here or manipulate the HTML itself to get things closer together. Is there a way to assign a class to the paragraph so that I can change the spacing in my CSS file? For now, I’ll deal with it and leave it as-is.