I just installed MarsEdit on the iMac. I’m not sure what sort of features are available so an experiment is in order.

In HTML mode, I see the HTML tags. This sort of sucks.

Yes, I know that I SHOULD see the tags in HTML mode. It should just be called “raw” mode or something. Also, Rich Text mode should be called WYSIWYG since RTF is an actual document format. I have no idea if the program uses RTF for text internally and converts to HTML or if they are using “rich text” as a generic term.

I’m starting to really appreciate Windows Live Writer where I see things formatted like my blog.


Inserting an image is mediocre. I pasted it in and it asked for pixel numbers of the size to use. Why not have drag handles and let me resize this dynamically.  I don’t know if I’ll be inclined to buy this editor. Heck, I don’t even care what file name the image has on the blog itself. I thought that the Mac was supposed to be for non-technical people. Yep, Windows Live Writer is an ambitious program for sure.


After reading about some other OSX programs, I think that OSX just doesn’t show grab handles for the images like most MS Windows programs. I don’t know because I am not at the iMac right now but i’ll have to check this. If I can resize the images dynamically then I’ll be better off than I expected.

Windows Live Writer creates a drop shadow around image thumbnails as part of the image. I was dumbfounded by where the CSS was for creating that drop shadow  until I discovered that it was just part of the image. That;s sort of a shame because I like the drop shadow but I really don’t want to have to create it myself when updating blog pages that have a lot of images with that effect when not using WLW.