The internet has a lot of data about the NVG510 modem/router. Most of it consists of complaints. I will add to that list of complaints by adding one: The router will not let me use all five of my static IP addresses for five different computers.

But first, any AT&T technicians out there seeing this should know that assigning a static IP address, provided by AT&T, to a system on a local intranet does not make that static IP address accessible to the internet. It’s not really using the static IP address as an internet static IP address at all. Please learn about the work you do, and stop doing a half-assed job. It’s not always your fault if you are trained wrong, but there is no harm in trying to get better at your job.

Now back to my complaint about the router…


Like I said, you cannot assign a static IP address to a computer on your intranet and have it be accessible to the outside world. Fortunately, and seemingly contradictory to that statement, you can let (and only one) computer have a static IP address accessible from the internet. You just can’t configure that address on the PC. The settings are simple:


The image above shows my settings. I configured the router to use a local subset address for it’s private LAN address. The technician had used up one of my static IP addresses for this because he has little knowledge of the internet and of his job. Sheesh.

Once the LAN options are set using typical intranet addresses, I set the Public Subnet settings. I picked a public address for the router using one of the static IP addresses. I then set the DHCP server to have a bank of just 1 DHCP address. It is important to have this be one of the static IP addresses. Using it with DHCP is just plain stupid because it’s static but I’m stuck doing things this way; I should be able to assign static IP addresses on separate computers, but there seems to be no way to tell the router to treat them as public addresses. Maybe I missed a setting somewhere else. I bought five addresses, but I can only use one of them.

Anyhow, the one computer that I need to have a static IP address is configured to use DHCP and it gets this one address. It is then visible to the internet. But again, you only get one address unless you don’t mind letting the DHCP service in the router change which PC gets which address.

Fortunately, I am not connecting any PC to this. I’m connecting a Sonicwall router. The rest of my intranet connects to that.

I made no other changes to the NVG510 configuration. If you were to right now go to address, you would connect to my Sonicwall router. Remote admin is disabled, so you can’t do anything with it. Sorry.

Now, how do I get the VPN connection in the Sonicwall router to work? (That’s rhetorical because it all works fine)