In space, no one can hear you scream!

I think that was the tag line for a movie like Friday the 13th in Space. Interestingly, it is true. Joss Whedon is about the only movie maker who ever (in recent years) stuck with scientific facts and had no significant sounds playing when the camera was in space. It made Firefly an amazing show in my opinion.

Planetary Defense has no sound. It’s not because I can’t do it. I just added sound effects but have not uploaded a new version of the game yet. I am undecided on how to deal with sounds in space.

Perhaps I should only play sounds when a bomb goes off in what would be the atmosphere? That might seem odd.

I may let players turn the sound on and off and have it turned off to start with. A game should have sound just to add to the fun. It’s not a movie where that extra realism would matter.

If it is still available and has not changed to be broken, the sound-effects development version  of Planetary Defense can be played here. This version does not use a manifest and cannot be cached for offline play.