I have a web page www.rectorsquid.com where I had been adding pictures of various artwork and other things. It seems like this blog is more easily parsed by search engines and I am going to start placing links to various pictures here because of that. I think that the reason that my stuff shows up on Google more often here than at that web site is because I actually add a lot of text here. At www.rectorsquid.com, there is just not a lot of room for describing things. It’s much more of a photo album than blog.

Here is my first finished Welding for Art class project from a few years ago.


Click this link to see it on the website where other images of it and other things can be seen.

I’ll add some more links and pictures and times goes on.

This sculpture is about 24 inches tall. It is made of steel and wood. The pattern was added to the surface using a sandblaster. The finish is a combination of rust and bluing.