I am at the point where I am programming the code to handle train-waypoint activities. The trains now look ahead for waypoints and brake at the appropriate time to reach the desired waypoint speed at the right place related to the waypoint. This is all cool because you could stick in a waypoint in front of the train while it is running and the train would figure out that it needs to brake harder to stop on time. I’ll have to make sure that too much braking isn’t done or causes a crash.

The player notifications will be tricky in a working game and it will be even trickier to solve problems where the player messed up. That is because of the realistic nature of the game and the inability of the player to move train around magically and without cost. If the train missed a waypoint then the whole schedule can be screwed up after that. Maybe just giving the user manual train control will do the trick.

before I go much further, I need to add save and load capability. The two segment networks I’m creating new each time I experiment with this are getting a little annoying.